"The Quality .. is in The Detail"

CHOICE Cleaning & Windows

  "If a job is worth doing .. then it's worth doing well

(Commercial & Residential)

Our Team

If a job is worth doing .. then it's worth doing well
because .. The Quality is in The Detail !


Chief Cook & Bottle Washer
Robyn .. founder + chief cook & bottle washer of Robyn's CHOICE Cleaning & Windows.


Secret Squirrel Security Squad Superintendent
Allan .. as usual trying to get to the bottom of something .. double punn intended!


Welcoming Committee Leader
Lizzie .. working she's as solid as a rock but really a softie at heart and greets everyone with a smile.

Our Team

Champions of changing Chaos into Cool, Calm and Collected


Monica .. a natural leader .. sees what's needed down to the last detail.


Vicki .. cool, calm and collected .. a gentle soul with a solid work ethic.


Lira ..  Probably one of the most experienced cleaners on anyone's team.

Our Team

Masters of team work & moving in the same direction - to pull it all together in a timely manner.


Windows Specialist

Robyn's CHOICE Team.

 Really .. just ask us if we do it .. 
you might be surprised!
When the going gets tough .. 
this team ..
just finds another gear!


Quality Control